W a v e C a ll

Wave Call, a debut EP released in January, 2020.

Piece by piece I saw myself developing a creative narrative to present this EP into the world. The influences I wanted to follow and different creatives just came in right at the perfect timing. 

The photograph on the cover is by Britney Townsend and reveals a collaboration with Sasha on the creation of a Ikebana — Japanese flower arrangement. Design and Layout by me.

Along with the Ep release came a music video for the song “Mountain Man”. Shot back in Portugal and inspired by the movie “El Topo” — indie western by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Lilac Tree Studio took my mood board and developed a beautiful story board directing each piece of the story. Meanwhile my friend and visual artist Joana Subtil worked on different ideas to make the set and props. The main character is played by an old friend of mine Diogo Belizário that lives in Madrid these days. 




Creative Director, Graphic designer, Visual Artist/Stylist, Singer-songwriter