In the middle of a global pandemic, this project came to calm things down! 

Tim had an Ep already planned to be released around spring time as the world froze in isolation. “Survivors” is the single and the name of the Ep, I won’t say it was a great timing but it did aligned with most people’s feelings around me. At this point I was designing a new tote bag for his song called “All Hands” where I did a study with hands in different positions and created a composition that seems to be moving with hands along each other helping and touching one another. I claimed It was ready and Tim suggested we used it for the artwork of the Ep. It made sense, so I started organizing the artwork and elaborating that idea. I used all the materials I had at home while self isolating and amplified the illustration on paper tapped on our studio wall. We wanted to have him sitting perfectly and calmly in front of the piece playing his Wurlitzer and admiring it.

You can check it out here