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Nicole, or just Nico 

Born in Canada - Toronto in October 1992, and raised in Portugual in a town called Bombarral. From a very young age I remember being curios about art, specifically architecture and music. Glimpses of my childhood are a mix of paint, cuadricular paper drawings, wood inventions, sculptures with natural clay right from the red soils of the coast line, making crafts at my grandmas house with textiles and a never ending soundtrack of mumbled melodies and songs. Always tidy and organized with my objects, my bedroom looked like a sanctuary for art, shape, color and my plate was never as messy as in this picture. 

In high school I studied 3D & Digital Design, and later on I moved to Lisbon to study Design at IADE-U. The last semester of this degree I moved to Austria under an academic exchange at FHV - Dornbirn. After graduating, I was curious about Canada so I decided to move back to try a creative career in Toronto. I worked for a couple small design agencies, and most lately in the role of Graphic Communicator at IKEA CA

For the past three years I decided to leave the corporate environment and pursue art and other dreams at my own pace, working between design, visual arts and music more recently from my studio downtown St. John's, NL.

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