N Design Studio

"N Design Studio, by designer Nico Paulo, is a creative space that embraces art in all categories of media. The studio exists in the physical world more than online, as an attempt to break free from the pressure of internet demands and to create space for collaborations within our community. The space is shared with photographer Jane Brokenshire, graphic designer Sophie Harrington, textile artist Eliza Jane Curtis. Used for their own practices as well as hosting art pop-ups, live shows, and performances that feature other creatives and encourage a lively artistic community."

Some events and collaborations that featured painter Rachel Hawkes Cameron, fashion designer Maggie Jayne, crochet artist and writer Allison Graves, writers Lee Suksi and Carmella Gray-Cosgrove, musician Dan Maclean and Natalie Martin, ceramists Isabel Lavandeira and Emily Parker, floral artist Hayley O'byrne, apparel designer & ceramist Sarah Sheppard, artist Ale Monreal.

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