F o r e v e r O v e r h e a d

Tim Baker first solo record "Forever Overhead" debuted in April - 2019

You can find the illustrations very close to his words - go give it a listen here. The whole narrative is mostly about the place where he is from, St. Johns - Newfoundland & Labrador — it is personal and symbolic, simple and classic. I worked closely with so many creatives, thanks to Arts&Crafts marketing team for all the support and guidance on pre production, to Precision for record pressing and print, to Alex Durlak for the music book and posters print, to Britney Townsend for the amazing album photos, to Rita Custodio for all the hand made tea towels and pennants, to Start Famous for handling all the rest of merchandise and screen prints, to Ale Monreal for the embroidery on the stage panels and so many others.